Going home

Before the New Year I called my grandparents and told them I wanted to come home. I talked to my landlord and explained my situation. She allowed me to break my lease without any penalty. I exhausted all of my financial resources including Hope’s savings to rent a moving truck and insure we would have enough for gasoline to get to Oklahoma. My papa flew in to help me pack and load the moving truck. I cleaned the apartment to move in ready standards. My papa drove the moving truck. We stayed awake all night on the drive to Oklahoma. Mine and Hope’s belongings went into a storage building. At the end of January 2008 Hope and I went to stay with a longtime friend of mine in El Reno. My friend and I had known each other since we were twelve. She had a daughter just two years older than Hope. I loved her daughter; she called me “Aunt Stormi”. I planned to settle permanently in El Reno with Hope and eventually Charles. I thought it would be perfect living in the same town with and having the support of a good friend. I truly needed that.


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