Table of contents

Table of Contents


Special Thanks



Chapter 1: My first night at Riches Ravine

Chapter 2: Mitchell

Chapter 3: Wedding Day

Chapter 4: Medical tragedy and a wreck

Chapter 5: Hard times and a dream come true

Chapter 6: Spending time with Mama

Chapter 7: The yellow folder

Chapter 8: I’m in love with someone I’ve never met

Chapter 9: The day my identity changed

Chapter 10: Excitement to fear

Chapter 11: Colorado

Chapter 12: The night that changed my life infinitely

Chapter 13: I am a single mom

Chapter 14: Icy Roads

Chapter 15: Blue drapes and a gas mask

Chapter 16: Going home

Chapter 17: Disarticulation

Chapter 18: Sealing our fate forever and moving forward

Chapter 19: A new dawn

Chapter 20: Miracles in the making

Chapter 21: Questions and learning thew truth

Chapter 22: Life keeps moving



DISCLAIMER some material may not be suitable for children. May contain strong language and sexual content. Some names have been changed to protect the writer legally and to protect the subject’s identity in some cases. If you know the actual names, please DO NOT comment them publicly.

Special Thanks

Mitchell– Without you, I wouldn’t have this incredible girl.

Aunt Deedee– Standing by me through the good and hard times, being my example of what a phenomenal mother looks like. “Every day you save my life.”.

My Family– for loving us and never quitting on me though I disappointed you many times. I love you all.

Beth– my best friend, my rock and my diary. Thank you for reminding me that it is darkest before the dawn. Thank you for encouraging me to write this story and helping me make it available for others to read.

Kevin– you are the epitome of a husband and daddy. I am so grateful god gave us you. I wouldn’t want to do this life beside anyone else.

Kevin’s family– for loving Hope and I as your own from the start.

Johnnie– Just for being who you are. You’ve become a very close friend to me. Your love for Hope is incredible.


Perhaps you are in the midst of a journey you never could have prepared for or maybe you are about to embark on the wildest ride of your life and you still don’t know. My wish is to inspire you, to expose the raw, real, stripped away heart inside my chest and to share with you Hope.

My name is Stormi Boland on October 26th 2006 my world was shattered, flipped upside down, and was given purpose. I gave birth to my first child, a baby girl I named ‘Hope’ long before I knew she would inspire it. This is my journey, Hope’s journey in my words. These are my inner most thoughts and the way I have felt in every moment along the way.