Special Thanks

Mitchell– Without you, I wouldn’t have this incredible girl.

Aunt Deedee– Standing by me through the good and hard times, being my example of what a phenomenal mother looks like. “Every day you save my life.”.

My Family– for loving us and never quitting on me though I disappointed you many times. I love you all.

Beth– my best friend, my rock and my diary. Thank you for reminding me that it is darkest before the dawn. Thank you for encouraging me to write this story and helping me make it available for others to read.

Kevin– you are the epitome of a husband and daddy. I am so grateful god gave us you. I wouldn’t want to do this life beside anyone else.

Kevin’s family– for loving Hope and I as your own from the start.

Johnnie– Just for being who you are. You’ve become a very close friend to me. Your love for Hope is incredible.

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