Table of contents

Table of Contents


Special Thanks



Chapter 1: My first night at Riches Ravine

Chapter 2: Mitchell

Chapter 3: Wedding Day

Chapter 4: Medical tragedy and a wreck

Chapter 5: Hard times and a dream come true

Chapter 6: Spending time with Mama

Chapter 7: The yellow folder

Chapter 8: I’m in love with someone I’ve never met

Chapter 9: The day my identity changed

Chapter 10: Excitement to fear

Chapter 11: Colorado

Chapter 12: The night that changed my life infinitely

Chapter 13: I am a single mom

Chapter 14: Icy Roads

Chapter 15: Blue drapes and a gas mask

Chapter 16: Going home

Chapter 17: Disarticulation

Chapter 18: Sealing our fate forever and moving forward

Chapter 19: A new dawn

Chapter 20: Miracles in the making

Chapter 21: Questions and learning thew truth

Chapter 22: Life keeps moving


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