Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, & Misuse of words

Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, & Misuse of words

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One thought on “Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, & Misuse of words

  1. Hope is a huge inspiration, a go-getter, doesn’t quit or say she “can’t” … Hope, is all of these things (and many more!) because of her own mother!
    Because YOU never gave up, you never said you “can’t”, you continued to go and go and go!
    You passed on the best traits, anyone could ever have. And because of that, Hope will be able to continue to pass on the same traits.
    She sees her mother just keeping on keeping on.
    No matter how hard life was/is, or will be, the situation too difficult, the answer to puzzling, the loss too great … you instilled, in her: the ability to take any problems, any issues, and any difficult situations, and meet them head on and not back down!

    I’m going to read (most of this) to my seven year old daughter.
    This is something that will inspire her, so much.
    These young girls need this kind of inspiration and attitude …
    That life sure can knock you down, but you have to be willing to face those knock downs and never say “I can’t”!

    Thank you, Stormi, for sharing your story, and Hope’s.

    It may not have been easy for you to share some of this, but I’m honestly glad you did.
    This was the very first thing I’ve read this morning, and I truly believe God linked me to this site for a reason.

    P.S. This would make a wonderful book! Your life story, has everything other takes to make an amazing book!
    The romance, the heartaches, the losses, the joys, the truth.. everything!
    But most of all, the realness.. the faithfulness, your family that is always there.

    May God continue to bless you and your whole family+


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